Lavender Hill

Lavender Hill is the first half hour segment of The Wimmin's Show on KZUM-HD 89.3FM in Lincoln, NE. The Hill is a GLBTQA+ news and talk program. Corwin Watts and Phil Kessler host the show from 11-11:30am CST every Sunday morning, leading into the Wimmin's Show with Deb Andersen and Rachel West. Corwin and Phil also co-host Murphy's Magic Mess with Nadine Murphy, sometimes spending four or more hours in the KZUM studios each Sunday, from 9am-1pm.

Corwin Watts & Phil Kessler, photo by Deb Andersen

Listen to the Lavender Hill promo from KZUM.

A podcast version of Lavender Hill can currently be found on BTR through the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel.  Corwin and Phil are working out a plan to move Lavender Hill from the PMPC page to its own unique web presence.

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