Murphy's Magic Mess & Selections from the Mess

Murphy's Magic Mess airs live every Sunday at 9am Central on Lincoln, NE's first and only community radio station, KZUM 89.3 FM and KZUM-HD. Hosts Nadine Murphy, Corwin Watts and Phil Kessler enterain their listeners with a variety of New Age and Pagan music spanning the decades and circle the globe.

The first hour of the show is dedicated to New Age, mainly instrumental, music. The second hour is more lyrical and can go from the deadly serious to the hysterically humorous.

The occasional interview segment may be included in either the first or second hour. Past live guests have included Leigh Ann Hussey (musician), Kaedrich Olsen (author) and such locals as Lady Cynthia of the Order of the Red Grail and Cole Weber of Liberty Lives in the HEARTland.

Murf, Corwin and Phil hope that you will join them weekly for the Mess and encourage you to look up Selections from the Mess on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel, the pod-safe music played during the original show.