Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rev Moonbeam is certifiable

As of last Thursday (May 13th), I am finally officially certified at KZUM as a programmer. Woot! Somehow or another the paper work got lost from last fall. Either on Murf's end or in the office. But I stopped in Thursday morning to do Polka Celebration with the Polka Goddess herself, Katerina (who dubbed me the High Priest of Polka), and went over the paper work with Josh the Program Manager. It is official now. I am a certified KZUM programmer. Woot, woot!

That being said, Murf threw me behind the boards again this morning to do the majority of the show. And here is the set list (sorry for missing information, it was a bit hectic this morning):
  1. Wytches Chant '98 - Inkubus Sukkubus - Away with the Faeries
  2. Cloud Floating - Paul Adams - Heavens
  3. Road to Wadi el-Hol - Douglas Irvine - Ambient Egypt: Sounds From Ancient Egypt (I just got this one via and loved it so much I had to bring it in for the Mess.)
  4. Going There - Davol - Good Sign (NEW)
  5. Places I Go - John Nilsen - Places I Go (NEW)
  6. And Early We Will Go - Lisa Downing
  7. Prairie Flowers - Craig Urquhart - Within Memory
  8. Waterfall - Devin Rice and Erin Aas - Arrival (NEW)
  9. Hestia - - Olympus
  10. Awaken - Abigail Spinner McBride - Fire of Creation
  11. If You See a Dream - Libby Roderick
  12. Why Do You Bob Your Hair Girl? - Susan Grantz
  13. Ballad of the Clampherdown - Michael Longcor
  14. Guenevere and the Fire - Fred Small -Everything Possible
  15. Richard Parker's Fancy - Omnia - Alive!
  16. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee - Buffy St. Marie
  17. Cry Freedom - Gaia Consort -
  18. Toast the Earth with Exxon Mobile - Austin Lounge Lizards
  19. Go Ahead and Die - Austin Lounge Lizards
  20. This Ain't Exactly What I Had in Mind - Ray Stevens
  21. The Marine's Lament - Fred Small
  22. One True God - Austin Lounge Lizards
  23. The Cure - Haze
As you can see, towards the end Murf took over and wanted to get political and silly at the same time. The Polka Goddess for the YouTube link for a video version of Go Ahead and Die, so I thought we would share it with you here. Enjoy!

I will be gone on the 23rd, going up to Sioux City, IA for the First Annual Mystic Realities Bazaar. Damon, AKA Sir Fluffy Bunny, will be filling in for me. Pangaia Metaphysical Store will be there with my partner Sarah running the table with a little help from our friend Bethani and the Lady Bug (Sarah's infant) and I will be next to them doing Past Life Insight and intuitive readings while our dear friend Fay with Wytch Way Wear will be on the other side of me selling her one of a kind creations - ritual wear and period garb. Here is the flier for that event:Hope to see some our listeners there!

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