Sunday, July 18, 2010


"Satyagraha, the power of truth, was Gandhi's term for non-violent resistance, and is the name of Jeffrey Fisher's off-the-grid retreat in the San Jacinto Mountains where he composed and recorded these pieces. The music, featuring bass violin, depicts both the peacefulness and intensity of nature, the colors and textures of the land and reveals musical influences from the entire planet." - the back cover of Satygraha - Songs of the Earth by Jeffrey Fisher, Two Birds Flying, Healing Music of the Southwest

Satyagraha is one of the newest CDs that Murf and I have received for play on the Mess. We have both enjoyed the collection immensely and hope that our listeners have as well.
  1. Wytches Chant '98 - Inkubus Sukkubus - Away with the Faeries
  2. Coyote Dreams - Jeffrey Fisher - Satyagraha: Songs of the Earth (NEW)
  3. Remembrance - Eric Chapelle - Across the Water (JUNE)
  4. Fortitude - Sherry Finzer - Sanctuary (NEW)
  5. Forbearance - Michelle McLaughlin - Out of the Darkness (JUNE)
  6. Druids in the Glen - Celtic Trance - Dagda (1999)
  7. Meltdown - Lisa Hilton - Nuance
  8. So Long Mr Selfish - Michelle McLaughlin - Out of the Darkness (JUNE)
  9. Cad Goddeu (Battle of the Trees) - Dale Bacon - Three White Deer and other poems
  10. Primal Gods - Celtic Trance - Dagda (1999)
  11. Three White Deer - Dale Bacon - Three White Deer and other poems
  12. Summertime - David Mauk - Ground Swell (NEW)
  13. Heartwood - Sora - Heartwood
  14. Twilight - Sora - Heartwood
  15. Spiral - Jana Runnalls - Earthbeat
  16. The Year of the French - Phil Coulter - Lake of Shadows
  17. Overland Blues - Yoshida Brothers - Best Of...
  18. Water, Fire and Smoke - Kathy Mar - My Favorite Sings
  19. Bustefer Jones - Cats
  20. Alive! - Omnia - Alive!
  21. Crow Goddess - Crow Women - Crow Goddess
  22. House of Mama Dragon - SJ Tucker
We had an unexpected guest this morning, Dale Bacon (former KZUM host of Mystic's Dream). He is releasing the second in his DVD series on Paranormal stories in Nebraska. Stay tuned to the Mess for more information on this exciting new DVD.


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