Saturday, May 14, 2011

Phil Plays Catch Up

Well, my friends. Looks like I have been rather neglectful of this blog for about two months. I am playing catch up on a lot of things. No excuses!

As I write this I am editing an episode of Selections from the Mess and preparing for tomorrow's Murphy's Magic Mess. So I am multitasking the best I can and trying to get caught up.

Just to give you all an update on how things are going in the World of Phil: Since my last post in March I have been working hard to get several things organized and moving. My paying job has been keeping me busy with certification requirements and keeping me on overnight (not a happy Phil). The radio station has gone through some changes - all for the good in the end. We conducted our Spring Pledge Drive with a goal of $50,000 and we exceeded that goal; our program director left us after 18 months for greener pastures (ie, to live near to his girlfriend in Chicago); Corwin and Ihave been doing our best to get guests onto Lavender Hill and we are working well with Murf on the Mess. Sarah and I have been arranging guests on Pagan-Musings and succeeding in doing so. Since Kaedrich's visit in March we had Frater Teneo of Omaha Thelema join us to discuss the Book of the Law and Judika Illes on to talk about her many books. Keep checking back this week for playlist and show note updates to get us all caught up since March. And to finish off the distractions from blogging, Sarah and I attended Mystic Fest Spring Edition in Omaha as vendors Beltaine weekend. We skipped doing an episode of Pagan-Musings that weekend and are just now getting ourselves sorted out so we can prepare for Contagion:Outbreak in June, also in Omaha.

So with all the busy-busy, not only have I neglected my blogging, I missed deadlines for two article submissions. I was to write an article for the Witches' Hour eZine and another for Proud Pagan Podcasters. I was even given extensions by both outlets, and still failed to finish on time. I am going to polish up what I have and submit both articles all the same. I hope to be able to write regularly for the Witches' Hour and hope that my contribution to PPP will help increase our listener base for PMPC.

So, back to editing and preparing for the rest of the shows this weekend. Remember to tune into Murphy's Magic Mess every Sunday at 9am Central on KZUM followed by Lavender Hill at 11am. And of course, listen to Pagan-Musings every Saturday at 2pm on BTR.

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