Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mabon on Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel 092411

Hello, everyone! I am once again playing catch up with the blogging. This year has been extremely busy for me and I have neglected posting all summer long. Here it is, the first few days Autumn and I haven't made a timely post since Memorial Day. And believe me, I do hear about it. At least one of the wonderful people who follows this blog sends me an email from time to time going "where are the play lists?"

So, here is the play list from last night's Pagan-Musings Podcast: Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox

  1. Bone Poets Orchestra - Interlude at Sunset - Belladonna Smiles
  2. Leigh Ann Hussey - Greenmantle (ritual edit) - Homebrew
  3. Celia - Lady Libertas
  4. Jenna Greene - Harvest - Crossroads
  5. Cernunnos Rising - Heartbeat of Harvest - Wild Soul

Early in the show, Cole Weber from Liberty Lives in the HEARTland called in to share with us about the Nebraska efforts to counter-demonstrate the DC40 Campaign. DC40 is a movement orchestrated by the New Apostolic Reformation and other extremist right wing Christian groups to pray for the mass conversion of United States politicians to their specific way of thinking. Read the information on their web site, if you dare, and after struggling through the horrible (and disgusting) imagery of their informational videos and wading through the hate filled rhetoric they spew, you will understand just why we need to take this effort seriously. To sum it up, they are backing certain political candidates in the upcoming presidential election (including Gov. Rick "Good Hair" Perry of Texas) and wish to force a theocracy upon the nation. Check out past episodes of Pagan Weekly News on the PMP Channel for more information and Zaracon and I's soapboxing on the issue.

We also spent some time talking about Jenna Greene's Kickstarter campaign and her music. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Greene earlier this month on a special episode of Musica Pagani and delving deeper into her wonderful music. Check out the interview and visit her web site, then pop over and see if you feel you can contribute to her Kickstarter program to help bring us more delightful music. Ms. Greene was unable to join us during the show due to other commitments last night, but we look forward to having her on the Channel again sometime in the near future. Her Kickstarter deadline is October 11th, go check it out.

And of course, with it being our Mabon episode, we spent some time discussing the lore, imagery, meanings, and associations with the season.

I want to share a little something that I talked about in the show. When I was a kid, we honored the changing of the seasons. We may not have phrased it that way or even acknowledged that what we did was even remotely Pagan or some such, but we still did it. I spent the first eight years of my life on a cattle ranch in rural Colorado. You can't help but experience the seasons when you live in the country. The leaves changing colors, the animals growing thicker coats, and the harvesting of the fruits, vegetables, grains and other growing things. It was all there for us to witness first hand. Later we lived in small towns and rural communities; my mother would decorate the house with fall colors, leaves, gourds, and other images of the season. To this day I recall playing in the leaves (whether out of doors or in our own living room) and celebrating the seasons.

And of course, to finish out the show, we discussed our upcoming venture at Mystic Fest 2011 Fall Edition in Omaha, NE. Pangaia Metaphysical Store, the Pagan Alliance Network and Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel will be represented at the event. Thanks to our friends at Next Millennium Music and Gifts and Magical Omaha for putting on such a wonderful show every fall! Mystic Fest is located at the Ramada Plaza and Convention Center at 72nd and Grover in Omaha, just off the interstate, in the Heartland Room Saturday, October 1st from 10am-6pm and Sunday, October 2nd from 11am-5pm. Admission is free, and what a show it will be! Over seventy vendors, intuitive readers, aura photographers and just simply wonderful people will be displaying their wares and sharing their services!

Tune in Mondays at 7pm for Pagan Weekly News, Saturdays at 7pm for Pagan-Musings Podcast, and keep your eyes and ears open for special presentations of Musica Pagani, Selections from the Mess, Lavender Hill and LIVE! in the Studio with the Wimmin's Show - all on Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel. (times are Central United States)

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