Saturday, January 7, 2012

PMPC Other Kin Encore with Lupa & Arthur

Pagan-Musings Podcast for January 7, 2012

Author and self professed Other Kin, Lupa, joined RevKess and KaliSara for their second installment on Other Kin. Arthur, a self professed Other Kin, also joined them for this episode. Hear the first installment on Other Kin in the archives.

During this episode our hosts and their guests discussed, among other things, the following topics:
  • how the transgender community is offended by the Other Kin use of the term trans-species
  • Other Kin and furries
  • my animal is my child and how that differs from Other Kin
  • Other Kin relationships
  • past lives and Other Kin
  • proving the existence of Other Kin
  • how to identify Other Kin
  • Field Guide to Other Kin by Lupa

Listeners can find Lupa's website at

Music Played During This Episode

  1. Spiral Dance - Faerie Tale - Magick
  2. Dragon Ritual Drummers - Afri Afrique - Passage
  3. Bone Poets Orchestra - Why Can't We Just (single, contains explicit lyrics)
  4. Elvendrums - Shadows - Gateway to Faerie

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