Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 1, 2009

Hello, everyone. I have been a guest host or co-host with Murphy’s Magic Mess (Sundays at 9am) since the second week of January, 2009. I started by filling in as co-host while Lily was on vacation. When she returned from her trip, Murf informed me that she would like to have me on the show with her regularly. So, here I am.

I have been enjoying the show immensely. The ladies are great to work with and always have fun and interesting stories to share, some of which are not appropriate for on-air. But it is all good.

I have had wonderful experiences, learning to use some of the equipment, answering the phone lines and sharing information with the listeners of Lincoln’s Community Radio, KZUM 89.3. I look forward to continuing my experiences with KZUM and Murphy’s Magic Mess.

Back in November of 2008, the author Kaedrich Olsen came for a visit to the Lincoln-Omaha area, promoting his book Runes for Transformation and doing workshops on the book’s topic. He did a call interview with Scott Colburn’s Exploring Unexplained Phenomena (Saturdays at 10am) and dropped in for an in studio interview and guest spot on Murphy’s Magic Mess. We are currently working on getting Kaedrich to either visit again or do call in interviews with both programs later this year.

Through KZUM I have also been given the opportunity to further network with the local Pagan community and share the show with Pagans elsewhere in the United States. I know of listeners in Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, North Dakota, Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, and many other states. The more listeners the merrier! People can tune into the show through the web at www.kzum.org and clocking on the streaming audio button to the left of the page.

The show is not currently pod cast, but I am looking into what has to be done to make that happen. So, keep your eyes and ears open, we may be taking the show to pod cast so that you wonderful listeners can catch it when you choose, or download it for later listening.

In March Murphy is playing lots of Celtic music, so if you enjoy Damh the Bard, Emerald Rose, and other such wonderful musicians, then listen close! You might find something new or hear something you haven’t in years. Almost every week I hear something I just have to have in my collection.

Murf tells me that she is planning to update her web site this weekend, so you can get current listings of the music she plays and maybe even some links to the artists, their record labels and retailers. Check her out at www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/5412/mess.html.

KZUM is community radio. As such, it is funded by the member-listeners. March 3-13th is the Spring Pledge Drive. If you would like to contribute to KZUM to help continue the broadcasts of these wonderful programs and many more, then either call 402-474-5086 any time during your favorite show or hop online and click the Pledge button at www.kzum.org.

And, as community radio, we do care about our listeners.

Remember, Murphy’s Magic Mess is on every Sunday morning at 9am CST. If you live in the Lincoln, NE area and have Time Warner Cable it is the background music for channel 10, you can catch it on the web at www.kzum.org, and on the radio at 89.3.

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