Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 21, 2009

Hey, we have had our Ostara celebration and we passed that feel along with the music we played this weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed it! We are moving towards Beltaine already, so I am working on putting together some music for that. I am looking forward to Beltaine. We have a big celebration coming up for that and I hope to see many of our listeners then. :)

Murphy has been a real trooper. Putting up with my last couple of weeks of mayhem in my life. Thank you, Murph! I pormise to start getting there on time again. :)

And I am continuing to put together information for our weekly holiday segment. I just need to find a suitable source for reliable information.

And, depending on how things work out schedule wise, I may be bringing Sarah with me on the 29th. If she has her kidlet with her she willnot be joining us on the show. The station is just not set up for such young children, even one as well behaved as the bug.

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