Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 4, 2009

Greetings and well met, my friends! Thank you again for listening to Murphy's Magic Mess on KZUM 89.3, Lincoln's Community Radio.

Today was a fun day at the studio. After I did the "standing in the cold pagan peepee dance" I was able to join Murf upstairs and help her with another wonderful show! It is my own fault for not getting there on time. I have really got to work on getting up early enough to meet Murf downstairs. A big thanks to our friends with the Gospel show for letting me in as they left. And we dearly hope that our friend with that show gets well very soon!

We listened to some wonderful music, everything from nice and relaxing meditation style music to some Ray Stevens with the Baptist Squirrel. That was a hoot!

We didn't get a chance to do our weekly announcements, so here we go:
Saturday the 11th is the Mysteries of Wicca class at Here & Back Again, presented by the Order of the Red Grail, Church for Transformational Wicca at 2pm. This weeks class is on herbs. There is a $5 free will donation request to cover use of the space and other expenses related to the class.
Saturday night at 7pm is the Pagan Alliance Network Craft & Game night at Julia's home. you can email me or call 402-202-9676 for details on this. Generally PAN does a c(C)raft project related to one of their discussions or just has fun with crafting and gaming.

Sunday the 12th at 6pm is the Order of the Red Grail, Church of Transformational Wicca's open Full Moon Circle at the Unitarian Church on A Street in Lincoln. Meet and greet session begins at 6pm and the ritual will be at 7pm.

And save some money for your Aura Photopgraph on the 19th at Here & Back Again. Mystic Colors is coming down from Omaha to take your aura photo. They will be at the store from 12-noon to 4pm. Cost is $25.

Cultural and Religious Holidays from April 6-12, 2009:
Tuesday, April 7th - Church of All Worlds founded in 1962.
First Wiccan "tract" published by Pete Pathfinder Davis in 1996
Wednesday, April 8th - William Alexander Aynton initiated into the Isis-Urania temple of the
Golden Dawn in 1896, he would later be called the "Grand Old Man" of
the Golden Dawn.
Thursday, april 9th - Full Moon, Wind Moon. Moon is fullest at 9:56 am CST
Passover begins
Friday, April 10th - Good Friday
Birthday of Rev. montague Summers, orthodox scholar and author of A
History of Witchcraft and Demonology, 1880
Saturday, April 11th - Burning of Major Weir, Scottish "sorcerer" who confessed of his own
accord in 1670; some historians believe that the major became delusional
or senile because up until his confession he had an excellent reputation
and was a pillar of society.
Sunday, April 12th - Easter

There will be oh so much more next week:
New (to me) music by Folkearth, Falkenbach and Finntroll. Maybe even so lovely music from Gaia Consort. Thank you to Dave C. for sharing some of his Pagan heavy metal collection with me. Woot!
More Quotes and Tidbits, Cultural and Religious Holidays, and Announcements.

Speaking of announcements, Darla and Josh at Here & Back Again are putting on the Earth-Spirit-Celebration June 7th, 2009. If you are interested in finding out more about being a vendor at this event, go visit the store or check out their website! :)

Thanks for listening, goddess bless! - Phil

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