Friday, April 10, 2009

A possible visit from Kenny Klein

Hello, friends and listeners! I have recently been in contact with Kenny Klein, Pagan musician and Ren Faire musician. We are currently negotiating a visit from him to Lincoln. The tentative date is August 19th or 20th. We need to nail down a location for a concert, buthe is eager to come to Lincoln and play for us.

I know that Murf has her opinions of the man, but I have enjoyed his music for years and have also read his book The Flowering Rod. I think his visit would be wonderful. Any suggestions on where to have his concert? Check him out at the posted link. I especially like "Maria Isn't a Catholic Anymore." I'm going to try to get Murf to play some of his stuff on a more regular basis and I have the pleasure of having his newest single, which we will play soon.

Be playing for you soon,

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