Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12, 2009

Hello, loyal listeners! Hope you all enjoyed the show this weekend. After Murf threw me onto the boards and I got a handle on things, I enjoyed the show very much! I did get my revenge, though:

She was none to happy about that, but she could have said "No!"

I would like to extend a mega thank you to all my friends on who were listening this morning. Thank you, Nyx, Gwyd, Solace, Dee, and anyone else I may have missed. It is great to get immediate feedback on the show from our online listeners. I hope to hear more from our online friends.

As usual, we seem to not have enough time for all the fun that we have planned, so here is the information I couldn't get out over the air:

Religious and Cultural Holidays
April 12-19

Sunday, 12th of April: Easter Sunday (Resurrection Day)
First Day of the Festival of Cerealia: Roman holy day. The Festival of Cerealia was a seven day festival in honor of the Goddess Ceres. The exact date of the festival is uncertain, but most likely occurred from April 12 to April 19. Other possible start dates include the Ides of April (April 13) andApril 7. Note that the Romans used a lunar calendar. This date is a generalized date for the modern calendar. This Roman holy day may be on a different day if calculated using the ancient Roman lunar calendar.
In the city of Rome, Cerealia was the primary festival for Ceres. In Rome the festival was accompanied by the Ludi Ceriales, or the “Games of Cere”, which were held int he Circus Maximus. Ovid wrote in Fasti iv. 494 that Roman women clothed in white ran about the city with lighted torches to represent Ceres’ (Demeter’s) search for her daughter Proserpina (Persephone). The modern English word “cereal” comes from the name of the Roman Goddess Ceres.

Monday, 13th of April: Festival of Libertas: Roman holy day.

Tuesday, 14th of April: Adoption of the Principles of Wiccan Belief at “Witch Meet” in St. Paul, MN, 1974

Wednesday, 15th of April: Celtic Tree Month of Willow Begins
Birthday of Elizabeth Montgomery, Samantha on Bewitched, 1933
Fordicalia: Roman holy day. Festival of Tellus Mater.

Thursday, 16th of April: Passover Ends (Jewish)
Birthday of Margot Adler, author of Drawing Down the Moon
Festival of Listening: Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) holy day. It is the day the heart of the neteru (deities) listens very well. The crew of Re (Ra) is in festivity. (from the Cairo Calendar)
Feast of Goddess Hekat: Greek holy day.

Friday, 17th of April: Orthodox Good Friday
In 1900, Aleister Crowley broke into and took over the Golden Temple, providing the catalyst for
the demise of the original Golden Dawn
Feast of Followers of Ra: Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) holy day. The day is fixed in heavens and onearth as a fe ast. It is the month of the followers of Re (Ra). (from the Cairo Calendar)
Mounikhion Noumenia: Greek holy day. The first day of the Greek month of Mounikhion. According to Plutarch (Mor. 828A), the Noumenia (the first day of each Greek month) are “the holiest of days”.
According to Jon D. Mikalson (in “The Noumenia and Epimenia in Athens”, The Harvard Theological Reviews, Vol. 65, No. 2, April, 1972, page 291), “In an ordinary year there were twelve Noumeniai, and thus they form a large and important series of “holy” days. There is no indication in the sources that the religious activities on the Noumenia of one month varied from those of another month, and therefore the Noumeniai may be treated as a single homogenous group.
“The strictmess with which the Athenians preserved the sanctity and the independent identity of the Noumenia is striking. No annual religious festival is attested to have occurred on the Noumenia or to have included it. Not one of the positvely dated meetings of Athenian legislative assemblies such as the Ekklesia, the Boule, or a tribal organization is attested to have occurred on the first day of a month.”

Saturday, 18th of April: Day of Geb and Nut: Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) holy day. It is the day that what Geb and Nwt (Nut) have done in judged in the presence of the neteru (deities). (from the Cairo Calendar)

Sunday, 19th of April: Sun enters Taurus
Orthodox Easter
1579, second of four famous trials at Chelmsford, England results in the conviction of witches
Feast of the Charite: Greek holy day.
Last Day of the Festival of Cerealia: Roman holy day.

Sources: Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2009
Pr Ntr Kmt World Religious Calendar Pagan Holy Days

Tidbits and Quotes

Basic research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.
-- Wernher von Braun
There's no problem a good miracle can't solve.
-- Shick's Law
Beware of programmers who carry screwdrivers.
-- Leonard Brandwein
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
-- A. Einstein
Death is just nature's way of telling you to slow down.
-- Anonymous


Sunday, 12th of April at 6pm, Order of the Red Grail, Church for Transformational Wicca, Open Full Moon Circle at the Unitarian Church at 6300 A St., Lincoln. Meet and greet starts at 6pm and the ritual will begin at 7pm. This month is the Animal Council.

Thursday, 16th of April at 7pm, DolphinMoon Coven Seeker Class, and introduction to divination techniques. Call 202-9676 or email for details.

Saturday, 18th of April at 7pm, Pagan Alliance Network Discussion group, check out or email pan for details.

Sunday, 19th of April from 12-4pm at Here & Back Again, Mystic Colors aura photography. Call 817-4177 for details and to schedule an appointment. There is a charge for having your picture taken.

Follow what is going on with Murphy’s Magic Mess with Phil’s radio blog at

Now, back to some of the excitement this morning. Mwahaha! I gave Murf a CD of music that was given to me by one of my friends. Pagan heavy metal, let's hope she approves some or all of it for playing on the show. Windcaller spent some time assembling that for me and I don't want it to go to waste.

When Murf let me run the boards I got pick some of the music. So I played Sacred Ceremony off of Gerald Jay Markoe's Meditation Music of Ancient Egypt. As we go I will be picking more and more of the music. I have started putting together collections for the Sabbats and will be bringing them with me.

That is all I have for now. Hope you all enjoy the show and remember to tune in next Sunday at 9am CST!

Gods Bless!

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