Monday, May 11, 2009

May 10, 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! And if you didn't for shame. My day started out at KZUM as usual on a Sunday. And I even managed to beat both Murf and Damon to the parking lot for a change! ;)

We had a lovely mother's feel to the show this weekend. We picked a nice selection of songs, including House of Mama Dragon (S.J. Tucker) to help celebrate our Mothers, both in this world and in the next. And the usual Chaos and Mess ensued during the show.

My sincerest apologies to our faithful listeners for not getting to the holidays and the quotes, once again. We have been trying, just don't always find the time. With so much music to share, it can get to be a real Mess. I guess that is why we call it Murphy's Magic Mess. :)

We played a little more Om Gaia, by Terri Mason, for ya, which is a wonderful CD. Lauralee in Colorado was asking what track we had played on the 3rd from this CD, it was the title track. We played it in the first fifteen minutes of the show. I hope we continue to play more of Ms. Mason's music. You can check her out at Om Gaia Music.

If you have any questions about what we have played, be sure and check the web site for the show, Murphy's Magic Mess. Murf updates it as fast as she can, but with not being very computer savvy it can take her a few weeks sometimes. If the answer isn't there, then you can call or drop us a note. If you are going to call, please call during the show (Sunday mornings between 9 and 11am CST); if you are dropping us a note you can email me at or comment directly to this blog.

The Dragon Ritual Drummers' CDs finally arrived in my mail box Saturday afternoon. (Thank you Starrfire!) So we played three pieces of their Passage CD. Dancing the Dragon, Heart Beat and Pagan Soldier. Pagan Soldier was a special dedication to one of my chat buddies from PaganSpace, he had just returned to Germany from Iraq, on his way back state side from the war.

We had another dedication go out to my friend Solace in Florida, she was listening in on the web and wasn't exactly thrilled with some of the music. She said something in the chat room on PaganSpace and I shared it with Murf. Well, Murf has an odd sense of humour and when she learned Solace's age she queued up a special song for. Carolyn Hillyer's A Touch of Menopausal Anarchy. Thankfully, dear Solace took it as it was intended. She may even be able to put me in contact with Roweana.

Which reminds me, I would like to thank all my chat buddies for listening to the show. This Sunday we had listeners in at least five states and two countries (aside from Nebraska and the United States). A special thank you to Rikandro in the United Kingdom, Stephen in Germany, and Solace in Florida. During the show they all sent good energy our way and made good suggestions on what groups and musicians we should look into. I am taking all their suggestions to heart and will be getting in contact with Maduro and Mystic Fire this week.

We didn't cover the calendar of events, other than to remind people about a few things. S.J. Tucker is performing in Lincoln on Friday the 15th and in Omaha on Saturday the 16th. Please refer to the previous two blog posts for more details on these concerts.

Next week we will have more Dragon Ritual Drummers and maybe some new artists to share with you all. Until next time!

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