Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Epic of Gilgamesh on the Mess

Greetings, friends! Thank you for listening to Murphy's Magic Mess on KZUM, Lincoln's Community Radio Station, 89.3 FM, back ground music for Time Warner Cable channel 10 in Lincoln, and the streaming audio on KZUM's website every Sunday morning from 9-11 CST.

  1. Wytches Chant - Inkubus Sukkubus - Away with the Fairies
  2. Light Returning - Acoustic Ocean - Light Returning
  3. Heartland - Louis Landon - Solo Piano for Peace
  4. Early Rising - Anewday - Summer Reflections
  5. Knight of Gold - Christopher Boscole - Presents of Angels
  6. Nez Perce - Kori Linae Carothers - Trillium
  7. Voyage - Juliet Lyons - My Siren Song
  8. Myth - terraambient - wanderlust
  9. Cosmic Blues - Lisa Hilton - Twilight & Blues
  10. Suite irlandaise - Alan Stivell - Again
  11. O'Neil's march/the king of the fairies - Alan Stivell - Again
  12. When They Tell You (spoken word) - Thunderstorm - Witch
  13. Rock the Goddess - Serpentine - Rock the Goddess
  14. Deity - Wendy Rule - Deity
  15. The Crown - Nuit - Mother Night
  16. Morpheus - Omnia - Sine Missione
  17. Spiral - Jana Runnalls - (album title not available)
  18. Aradia - Inkubus Sukkubus - Wild
  19. The Bull of Heaven - Tony Garone - the Epic of Gilgamesh
  20. Inanna/Ishtar - Tony Garone - the Epic of Gilgamesh
  21. Stapals - Hedrengarna - (album info not available, spelling may be inccorect)
  22. Mars Reprise - Omnia - Sine Missione
  23. Marine's Lament - Fred Small - Everything Possible
  24. Before the Twilight Falls - Emerald Rose - Archives of Ages to Come
  25. Hang Up and Drive - John Mitchell - the First 49 Years
  26. Little Witch House - Serpentine - Rock the Goddess
Next week is Murf's birthday. She'll be playing several of her favorites and relaxing in the glow of her admiring fans and listeners. You can help her celebrate by leaving a comment on this blog wishing her a happy birthday! We've already had one listener do so even before this post was written!

Remember, you can make requests for songs or dedications by leaving comments to this blog as well. Please understand that it may take two shows before you request is played. Murf and Hyenas do not bring ALL of their music with them, but we will do our best to meet your request as quickly as possible.

You can also catch news and information regarding the Mess on our MySpace page. As soon as we get some technical glitches resolved, you may even be able to FINALLY listen to the Mess at other times. We can post the show as a "video" to the MySpace page for up to two weeks at a time. We've been trying to do that for most of the summer and keep hitting some kind of snafu with the hardware, but with the help of KZUM's staff, we think we may have solved that problem. We will let you know in a future post to the blog if and when that is taken care of.

Thank you for listening and showing your support for Murphy's Magic Mess and KZUM!
-Murf, Damon (aka Shanzi, Sir Fluffy Bunny), Eddie (aka Ed the Hyena), and Phil (aka Bonzai, Rev. Moonbeam)

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