Sunday, August 30, 2009

Murphy's Birthday Show

Hello, everyone! And thank you for listening to Murf's birthday show. We were so excited this morning. We had everything set up to record the show. But guess what. Silly me, I forgot to disable the external microphone on the laptop and we not only recorded the show, but we recorded EVERYTHING that went on off air. Banter, kavitching about politics, plotting future shows and phone calls. So, the recording is not good. Another no go, but at least we know how to do it now. LOL Yay for technology. It is the Mess, so it takes a while to get everything all figured out whenever KZUM decides to change the devices around on us.

It was a great show, though. Lots of Murf's favorites. Phil Coulter to SJ Tucker, Lisa Hilton to local artist Gary Redden. And there will be more of her favorites to come. Just be patient...

...The show on September 6th is not going to be our regular programming. Back by popular demand, KZUM is doing their Blues Blowout! From 6am Saturday the 5th through 11:59pm Monday the 7th KZUM is playing nothing but Blues music. All other programming has been preempted during that time. Damon and Ed will be running the boards on the 6th, providing our die hard listeners, and our Blues fans, with New Age and Pagan friendly Blues....or at least as close as they can get and still be Blues. Be ready for instrumentals by Lisa Hilton of her Twilight and Blues, and lyrical and instrumental Blues by Pagan artists such as Leigh Anne Hussey and Kenny Klein. They will also be playing more mainstream Blues with a New Agey flare.

We are moving into the month of September. Can you believe it? Fall is almost upon us. Of course with the wonderful weather we have been having the last few days, it is believeable. And with Fall just around the corner that means that Mabon is very close as well.

On the 13th we are planing to play a lot more of Murf's favorites, as two hours is far from enough time to cover it all. We will also be playing some of my own favorites, my birthday is the 14th.

Murf wanted to thank Corwin, Christine A, Cathy, Ed B and all the rest for their birthday wishes.

1.Wytches Chant 98, Inkubus Sukkubus, Away with the Fairies
2.Centering, Louis Landon, Solo Piano for Peace
3.Autumn Winds, Gary Redden, Starry Afternoon
4.Carpe Diem, Kori Linae Carothers, Trillium
5.Present Being, Christopher Boscole, Presents of Angels
6.Summer Rush, Anewday, Summer Reflections
7.Nantucket, Kori Linae Carothers, Trillium
8.Misty Morning, Anewday, Summer Reflections
9.The Magic Garden, Marc Enfroy, Awaking
10.Pantheon, Arthur Hinds, Poetry of Wander
11.Twilight, Lisa Hilton, Twilight & Blues
12.Moon River, Lisa Hilton, Twilight & Blues
13.Flight of the Earls, Phil Coulter, Lake of Shadows
14.My Emerald Rose, Arthur Hinds, Poetry of Wander
15.Mul of Kintyre, (unknown), Mul of Kintyre
16.Dragons, Anne Lister, (unknown)
17.Cool to be a Witch, Alexion, (unknown)
18.Man with the Weird Beard, Heather Bishop, Old New Borrowed Blue
19.Scotsman Unbound, Brian Bowers, (Best of....?)
20.Children's Totem Chant, Spiral Rhythm, (unknown)
21.Witches Brew, Omnia, Witches Brew
22.Alive! (live version), Omnia, Alive!
23.Talon – Celebration of the Dragon, Dragon Ritual Drummers, Epic: a Drum Opera
24.A Touch of Menopausal Anarchy, Caroline Hillyer, (unknown)
25.Every Sacred Thing, Gaia Consort, Gaia Circles
26.Glastonbury Song, Waterboys, Dream Harder
27.Twilight Calling, Gaia Consort, (unknown)
28.House of Mama Dragon, SJ Tucker, (unknown)

As you heard and can tell by the playlist, we had a lot more music than usual. Without the other two Hyenas, it is easier to play music, but we did miss the banter and fun of having them there.

Murf and I wish Damon and Ed much luck with the Blues version of the Mess. Murf is taking the day off to relax and I am going to be in the great out of doors helping my mother with her Moving/Retirement sale all weekend. (If interested in taking a look at what she is offering, contact me in email and I will give you the location of the sale.) Murf and I will be back with the Mess on the 13th with lots more of your favorites (and ours).

Pagan-Musings podcast on BlogTalkRadio, Saturday, September 8th at 10pm. Join RevKess and KaliSara this week as they talk about some of the Lesser Known Gods and Goddesses from around the world. If there is a god or goddess you would like us to talk about let us known in comments or call into the show at (347)-857-3605 and tells us something about them.

KZUM and Russ's Market Grill-a-Thon, Thursday, September 10th-Satuday, September 12th at the Russ's on 33rd and Highway 2. Come join the staff and volunteer programmers of KZUM as they feed you with freshly grilled burgers, hot dogs, and other fine foods off the grill. Proceeds go to support KZUM, your local community radio station. Remember, KZUM depends our members and supports to keep the station and up and running and bringing you the music, talk, and news programs that you love.

Pagan-Musings podcast on BlogTalk Radio, Saturday, September 12th at 10pm. Join RevKess and KaliSara as they talk about Sacred Sexuality. Yes, you read that right, Sacred Sexuality. The Great Rite through Sex Magic and all points in between. This show carries an EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT WARNING.

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