Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dale Bacon and the Song of Amergin on the Mess

Murphy's Magic Mess for Sunday, September 13, 2009

Haelsa and welcome! Thank you once again for listening to Murphy's Magic Mess on KZUM 89.3, Lincoln's Community Radio Station. In case you didn't know, we are live every Sunday morning at 9am CST and can be heard of 89.3FM, Time Warner Cable's channel 10 (Lancaster County, NE), and online at

This morning was quite the trip. For a change Damon was actually being quiet, even off the air. Something about not enough sleep and being lulled into a semi-slumber by the lovely music by Matthew Labarge. We did surprise Murf with a belated birthday present: a 12x6” patch for her denim jacket of a green Asian dragon. As she said, it looks a lot like the dragon she sees when her totem visits her. So it was quite the fitting gift. She expresses her thanks to Damon, Eddie, and myself for the gift.

I was very pleased to see that Dale Bacon brought in the audio tracks for his DVD Song of Amergin. If you are interested in purchasing the actual DVD, visit Pangaia Metaphysical Store on the web at and click on the product list. You can also pick up a copy at this year's Mystic Fest in Omaha at the Pangaia Metaphysical Store's table during the event. The folks at Pangaia are looking forward to doing more work with Dale on his DVD and audio productions.

As I am sure you noted, we also had two poems that Dale Bacon had recorded. Both of them were provided to him by Nadine Murphy. Her adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's Folk of the Hill and one of Nadine's own poems, Three White Deer. Pangaia will be contacting Dale Bacon about carrying that CD as well.


  1. Wytches Chant '98 – Inkubus Sukkubus

  2. Between the Branches – Connie St. Pierre – Legends of the Wild

  3. First Light – Matthew Labarge – October

  4. The Sun Sets Earlier Now – Matthew Labarge – October

  5. Knights in Gold – Christopher Boscole – Presents of Angels

  6. Acceptance – Paul Avgerinos – Love

  7. Carpe Diem – Kori Linae Carothers – Trillium

  8. Om Gaia – Terri Liles Mason – Om Gaia

  9. The Oldest Magic – Carolyn Hillyer

  10. Song of Amergin – Dale Bacon – Song of Amergin

  11. Song of Amergin (spoken in Gaelic) – Dale Bacon – Song of Amergin

  12. Song of Amergin (Gaelic) – Dale Bacon – Song of Amergin

  13. Tuatha de Dannan – Dragon Ritual Drummers – Passage

  14. Mull of Kentyr

  15. Dionysus – Tamara James & Jennifer Holding – Libations

  16. Water, Fire, and Smoke – Kathy Mar – My Favorite Sings

  17. Three White Deer – Dale Bacon (poem written by Nadine Murphy)

  18. Folk of the hill – Dale Bacon (poem by Rudyard Kipling, adapted by Nadine Murphy)

  19. Tamlyn the Bard – the Bringers

  20. Branigans Special Ale – Heather Alexander

  21. The Gods Aren't Crazy – Leslie Fish

  22. Health to the Company – Brobdingnagian Bards – Brobdingangian's Gulliver's Travels

  23. Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Witches – Lady Bridget & the Bella Donnas

  24. Sheep Marketing Ploy – Tom Smith

  25. House of Mama Dragon

  26. Witches Brew – Omnia – Witches Brew

Speaking of Dale Bacon, he is the host of the Ghosts of Lincoln Guided Tour every October. You can hear his soothing storyteller's voice as he guides you through some of the ghostly hotspots of Lincoln. This tour is sponsored in part by Exploring unexplained Phenomena (Saturday mornings at 10:30am on KZUM) hosted by Scott Colbourn (The Way Home, now closed) and StarTran. I will provide more details on this year's tour schedule as they become available to me.

Next week is our Mabon show. Expect lots of harvest songs and celebrations of the Autumn.

The 27th is my grand experiment. KZUM's station manager is going to be certifying me on the boards and other equipment during the show. I get to put together the entire show, from start to finish. Murf, Damon, and Eddie may be bringing in some of their own selections for the show, but otherwise it is up to me. And with Murf and the station manager's permission, I am going to introduce a slightly new concept to the show. Pagan news, talk, and interview. My first planned interview for the show is with Charlie Ordorizzi of Next Millennium in Omaha, the host of Mystic Fest 2009. We will be talking briefly about the history of Mystic Fest and what is happening with this year's show. We may also talk about Next Millennium and the growth of Paganism in Nebraska over the last decade or so.

Remember to check out Murphy's Magic Mess on MySpace at You do not have to be a member of MySpace to view this profile. Damon is still working on getting things correctly set up to post each week's show (for a two week period) as a video file. This means that you will be able to listen to the show whenever you want during those two weeks, but you will not be able to download. FCC regulations prevent us from being able to podcast the shows for download, so we are using the MySpace video option as a means of sharing the show for a short time so that more people can enjoy it no matter what time of day they are able to listen.

And don't forget to listen Pagan-Musings every Saturday night at 10pm CST on, brought to you in part by Pangaia Metaphysical Store and the Pagan Alliance Netwrok. Hosts RevKess and KaliSara bring you discussion on everything from advice for newbies to Sacred Sexuality. They will soon be adding interviews and news from around the globe on issues that pertain the Pagan movement. You can listen or download past shows at BlogTalkRadio and join them in chat during the live broadcast at either BlogTalkRadio or

Once again, thank you for listening to the Mess!

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