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This is My Athame, Pagan-Musings for Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey, there, all our loyal and new listeners! RevKess and KaliSara put on a somewhat disjointed, yet entertaining and educational show for "This is my athame....". The topic was pertaining to ritual tools, their uses, a bit of history, and alternatives for when you do not have your tools handy.

We had a wonderful discussion of basic altar and ritual tools. We touched upon portable altars and some of their uses, in particular what author Raven Grimassi has written about the Strega version of this:

The Nanta Bag

The Nanta Bag is a very old tool, appearingin various forms as it is traced back through the Ages. The form in which we have it today comes to us from fifteenth-century Italy. The purpose of the Nanta Bag is twofold. First, it is designed to keep its wearer in harmony with the forces of Nature. Second, it serves as a carrier for the tools of the Art, so that a witch can perform his or her Magick anywhere or any time. The original followers of Aradia carried them as they traveled from village to village, and soon they became a symbol of being a Priest or Priestess of the Old Religion.


The principle of “contagion” Magick was the foundation for empowering the bag. Basically, this means that objects absorb power and have an energy field around them. When one object is placed in contact with another, then these objects are joined and influence one another. The Nanta Bag, in turn, has a contagion influence upon the person who carries it (in direct proportion to the items it contains).


A small stone, smooth and rounded

A small feather, blue or very light in color

A small portion of ash (wood or coal)

A small vessel of pure water

A small coin, with a five pointed star etched upon it

A small twig (fruit or nutwood)

A pin with a black head (or needle)

A thimble

A portion of incense

2 small candles

A piece of marking chalk

A measure of cord (nine feet)

A small finger-sized bowl (cup or dish)

A symbol of the God (an acorn, small pine cone, piece of horn, etc)

A symbol of the Goddess (a seashell, string of beads, nutshell, etc)

A personal power object (a lucky piece, a crystal, etc)

A portion of salt

A small vessel of anointing oil

[Place these items into a bag and say:]

O' Great Nanta bag, be thou a natural focus

and a bridge to Power.

I am linked to thee and thou art linked to Nature.

We are One from Three

We are the Triangle manifest.

In the names of Tana and Tanus, so be it.

(From Ways of the Strega by Raven Grimassi, republished as Hereditary Witchcraft, pp. 86 & 87. Text inside [] by Rev. Philipp J. Kessler, 2009.)

We also had a couple of live callers during the show. Both Besom and Cairelle had some wonderful in put for us! Thank you both. And I do apologize to whomever that third caller was that we lost somewhere along the way.

Music played:
Meet Me By the Standing Stones, Leigh Ann Hussey, Homebrew
Rise Up Witches, Leigh Ann Hussey, Homebrew

The Summoning, Nuit, Mother Night

Please join us on Saturday the 22nd of August at 10pm CST as we begin the first in a series on Ground, Center, Shield: the Three Basics of Metaphysics with special guest host, Cairelle of WitchyLIving. You can get a glimpse at what we will be discussing by visiting the blog on Pangaia Metaphysical Store. Remember, you can join us in chat at PAN or BTR before, during and after show with your comments and questions.

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