Sunday, October 25, 2009

Murphy's Magic Mess w/ Guest Dale Bacon

Greetings, friends!

It was another fun filled show! With special guest Dale Bacon and some surprises. Dale used to host a program on KZUM several years ago. Our long time listeners may remember Mystic's Dream, a new age music program that was on right before Murphy's Magic Mess. Dale also plays tour guide for the annual Ghosts of Lincoln Tour, which he has been doing for a number of years.

The Set List:
  1. Wytches Chant '98 - Inkubus Sukkubs- Away with the Faeiries
  2. A Still Motion - Michael Samson - A Still Motion
  3. Over Such Beauty - Matthew Labarge - October
  4. Die & Be Reborn - Abigail Spinner McBride - Fire of Creation
  5. Persephone - Bruce Mitchell - New Earth Goddess
  6. The Wild Hunt - Omnia - Crone of War
  7. Hail, Crone - Pauline LaBelle - Dancing with the Crone
  8. This is Halloween - Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack
  9. On Ghost Eve - Caroline Hillyer
  10. Dark Goddess - Crow Women - Crow Goddess
  11. The Only Son - Michael Longcor
  12. Don't Call My Name in B attle - Heather Alexander
  13. Matters of Life & Death - Gail Perrigo - Never Again the Burning Times
  14. Kayler's Rage - Heather Alexander
  15. Lord Idath (Idath's Ride) - Leigh Anne Hussey - Homebrew
  16. Dark Lord - Tamara James & Jennifer Holding - Libation
  17. What's Wild is Wild - Gary Moore - What's Wild is Wild (story)
  18. Dead Gerbil Jam - Kenny Klein - Fairy Queen
  19. Anti-Dead Gerbil Song - Dale Bacon (radio debut)
  20. Morrighan - Damb the Bard
  21. Wake Skadi - Hagalaz
Like many of our listeners, you either love or you hate Kenny Klein's Dead Gerbil Jam. Dale Bacon hates it and he wrote and recorded his thoughts on the song. We played that for the first time ever on the Mess, Anti-Gerbil Song is a funny take on how some people react to the song. It would appear that Murf will be using that as a bait during future pledge drives. :)

Dale Bacon is a long time fixture of the Lincoln Pagan Community. A druid and story teller, most everyone Lincoln seems to know who he is. Either long time listeners of KZUM, local history buffs, or even just your casual about town person, Dale is a popular guy. He's been dabbling in filmography for years and has recently begun releasing a series of DVDs. Song of Amergin was the first release and is available at Pangaia Metaphysical Store. His latest release, A Haunted History of Lincoln - the Capitol City, was released on October 6th and is available through Pangaia as well as Here & Back Again and the Next Millennium. This is the first installment in his series on Supernatural Nebraska. Future releases include a history of witchcraft in Nebraska, which Murf and myself are mentioned in.

Tune into Pagan-Musings this Sunday morning at 12am to hear a segment from Haunted History.

Just because KZUM is not currently in pledge drive doesn't mean that your listeners can't make pledges. You can visit KZUM on the web and make a pledge through their secure server or you can the radio station (474-5086) at any time to make your pledge. Be sure and mention Murphy's Magic Mess when making your pledge!

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