Sunday, November 22, 2009

Murf and her minions get a little bit crazy

Wowsa! Today Murf and her minions got a little bit crazy. Well, crazier than usual. So much of what we said off air would have gotten us in to some MAJOR trouble. So thank the Gods we know how to mute the mics.

We experienced a few technical difficulties during the early part of the show. Seems something was disabled, malfunctioning or total kaputz in the sound studio and Damon was unable to record the show this morning. The cable for me to hook up to my laptop was also missing, so I was not able to record it in his stead. So, this show will not be available on the MySpace page for the show. Check out the page anyway and become a fan of the show on there.
  1. Wytches' Chant '98 - Inkubus Sukkubus - Away with the Fairies
  2. Night Shadows - Joseph Akins - Spirit Touch (New)
  3. Little Arwen - Joseph Akins - Spirit Touch (New)
  4. Hathor - Bruce Mitchell - New Earth Goddess (New)
  5. Prepare Yourself - Abigail Spinner McBride
  6. Master Mind - 9 Muses - Feel to Heal (New)
  7. The Yew Tree Knows - Govannen - Healing Waters: Legends of the Chaliced Well
  8. Tennessee Waltz - Joseph Akins - Spirit Touch (New)
  9. Stolen Child - Loreena McKennitt - Elemental (1985)
  10. Silvery Light - Heartbeat - BloodMoon (Featured)
  11. Fairy of the Moor - Mater Dea - Below the Mists, Above the Brambles
  12. Water, Fire & Smoke - Kathy Mar - My Favorite Sings
  13. Cry Freedom - Gaia Consort - Gaia Circles
  14. Charge & Covenant - T Thorn Coyle
  15. The Existentialist Polka -the Polkaholics - Polkas on Guitar (courtesy the Polka Goddess, Thursdays at 10am on KZUM 89.3)
  16. We Won't Shave No More - Isaac Bonewitts (Classic filk)
  17. Old Time Religion - Pete Seeger - Sing Along
  18. Online Religion - Tom Smith (Filk)
  19. The Talking Wicca Blues - Jim Allen and Selena Foxx (Classic)
  20. Pagan Polka - SONA! - Music for the Goddess
  21. Dionysus - Jennifer Holden & Tamara Smith - Libations
  22. Scotch on the Rocks - damned if Murf knows
  23. Branagain's Special Ale - Heather Alexander
  24. The Gods Aren't Crazy - Leslie Fish
  25. One True God - Austin Lounge Lizards
KZUM has totally redone their website. I would like to invite you all to go visit the new site and check it out. Do not forget to vote in the polls. It is very important that KZUM knows what our listeners like. To show that you enjoy Murphy's Magic Mess please select either World, Eclectic or Other as your choices. And you can submit more than one poll vote. Be sure to share this with your friends who listen to KZUM, they may not be aware of the website changes.

Be sure to tune in again on the 29th of November to hear what other craziness Murf and her minions are up to. You can listen to the show through the website's live stream, at 89.3 FM in Lincoln, NE and on Time Warner Cable channel 10 in Lincoln and Lancaster County.

Remember to follow this blog for further updates on the show and as soon as we have a new website up and running for the Mess we will be sure to let you know!

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