Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the Air @ the Mess

Murphy's Magic Mess goes all lovey dovey? No, not quite. But it was a collection of love songs and not so love songs fro Valentine's Day at the Mess this morning. Apparently part two of such things. I say it that way as I have been absent for the last two weeks and unable to listen to the show while at work.

The Play List for Valentine's Day 2010 - We always start out with Wytches Chant '98 by Inkubus Sukkubus off their Away with the Faeries album. It is the theme song for the show at present.
  1. Stillness of Sinopah - Jill Haley - Glacier Soundtracks: Music for the Glacier National Park
  2. In Gardens Fast Asleep - Ann Sweeten - Just This Side of Spring
  3. Salish Sunset - Timothy Crane - Dragonfly
  4. Snow White Ptarmigin - Jill Haley - Glacier Soundtracks: Music for the Glacier National Park
  5. Morning Grace - Tomas Michaud - Beauty & Fire
  6. Theft in Eb Major - Timothy Crane - Dragonfly
  7. Embrace in the Mist - Tomas Michaud - Beauty & Fire
  8. Day Break - Bill Wren - One Day in the Life...
  9. For Love of All Who Gather - SJ Tucker - Blessings
  10. Sacred Pleasure - Shawna Carol - Goddess Chant
  11. Gaelic Morn - Bruce Mitchell - Celtic Compilation
  12. A Little Bit of Love - Marc Gunn - Bridge
  13. Dragons - Anne Lister - Spreading Rings
  14. Valley of Strathmore - Silly Wizard - Live Wizardry
  15. Gentle Soldier of My Soul - Dave Carter & Tracy Grammar - Drum Hat Buddha
  16. Home Again - Blackmore's Night - Fires at Midnight
  17. Masochism Tango - Tom Lehrer - Songs and More Songs
  18. The Queen of Argil - Silly Wizard - Live Wizardry
  19. Love Comes on a Cold Wind - Anne Lister - Singing on the Wind
  20. Miss Conceptions - Leslie Fish & Heather Alexander - Magic Moon Dust and Melancholy
  21. Johnny Be Fair - John Mitchell - First 49 Years...
  22. Superman's Sex Life Boogie - Tom Smith - off of his web site
  23. Penguin Lust - Annwn - Lover's Enchained
  24. Angus McDonald - Clan na Gael - Keepers of the Wind
  25. Warm Sweet Breath of Love - Horslips - The Book of Invasions
  26. Love and Death - Waterboys - Dream Harder

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