Sunday, February 21, 2010

We want Spring's return!

Hello and thank you for listening to another episode of Murphy's Magic Mess.

Up here in the KZUM studio we have been wishing and hoping for the return of Spring. Today's show was an example of that.

  1. Wytches Chant '98 - Inkubus Sukkubus - Away with the Faeries
  2. Diving Deep - Michael Brant DeMaria - Ocean
  3. Sylvan Grove - Timothy Crane - Dragonfly
  4. Hidden Lake - Jill Haley - Glacier Soundscapes
  5. I Will Waltz for You - Bill Wren - One Day in the Life
  6. Green Lake in the Woods - Tao of Peace - Dean Evenson
  7. Stone of Destiny - Bruce Mitchell - Celtic Compilation
  8. True North - Anne Sweeten - Just this Side of Spring
  9. In the Ancient Time - David Arkenstone - Celtic Book of Days
  10. Dancing the Dragon - Dragon Ritual Drummers - Passage
  11. Lord of the Dance - Coyote Run - Coyote Run
  12. Rhiannon - Faun - Renaissance
  13. Sirena - Faun - Renaissance
  14. Pirates do the Darnedest Things - Mike Mennard - Pirates do the Darnedest Things
  15. Ripples in the Water of a Rock Pool - Connemara - Siren Song
  16. Hoist the Colors - Hans Zimmer - Pirates of the Carribbean: At Worlds End
  17. Into the Green - Spiral Dance - The Quickening
  18. Crystal Cave - SJ Tucker - Haphazard
  19. After Amergin - T Thorn Coyle - Face of a New Day
  20. The Oak - Spiral Dance - The Quickening
  21. Aleister's Wake - Haze - Book of Shadows
  22. Wayland's Steel - Spiral Dance - The Quickening
  23. One True God - Austin Lounge Lizards -
  24. Word of God - Kathy Mar - My Favorite Sings
  25. Das Tor - Faun - Renaissance
Union College is playing host to a pirate musical from Thursday the 25th of February through the first weekend in April. That's What Makes Them Pirates, a pirate musical written by Mike Mennard.

ADDENDUM to the show:
  1. I would like to apologize to the gentleman who called right as the show was wrapping up. I did intended to get this blog posted right away, but it didn't happen. I found myself running late for a wedding. I do hope that you found everything you were looking for with our play list, though. The song you were asking about is One True God by Kathy Mar off of her My Favorite Sings album. It is available through
  2. We are already beginning to collect pledges for KZUM's Spring Pledge Drive. You can go to KZUM's website and pledge online, call the station at any time to make a pledge (especially during the Mess), or wait for the pledge drive to officially start on the 1st of March and make your pledge then. Either way you do it, when you make your pledge, be sure to tell them it is for Murphy's Magic Mess. your pledges and donations go to support all programming on KZUM, not just the Mess. But by mentioning our show, you tell the station that you enjoy the diversity of programming that KZUM offers. Why not go right over to and click on the pledge link right now?
I think that sums it up for today. Thank you for listening to Murphy's Magic Mess on KZUM-HD Lincoln or on the web at Stay tuned for our Pirates classics and new music coming your way during the month of March.

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