Sunday, February 28, 2010

Witches and Druids and PIrates, oh my!

Greetings and Blessings Upon You! thank you for listening to Murphy's Magick Mess this foggy morning. Looking out the studio window, we see a bit of skyline, but lots of fog and mist to gaze through. Almost makes me think of gazing into a scrying bowl. Just what are people doing out there today? Oh, look! There is someone listening to KZUM and enjoy the variety of music we have to offer. The Mess is just one of many programs for your listening pleasure.

We want to apologize to our online listeners, the streaming audio has been out since sometime last night. It is a problem on the server's end, nothing that we could do about it at the station.

We were without Sir Fluffy Bunny (Damon) this morning. He's been off preparing for Ostara and being a pirate. Do those two ideas mix? I don't know, but it is Damon.

Play list:
  1. Wytches Chant '98 - Inkubus Sukkubus - Away with the Faeries
  2. Star Cross Moon - Timothy Crane - Dragonfly (NEW)
  3. Moonlight Embrace - Christine Brown - Promise
  4. Another World - Michael Brant DeMaria - Ocean
  5. Diaphanous Breeze - Lisa Downing - A Delicate Balance (NEW)
  6. Doors of Life - Isaac Shepard - The Renewing
  7. My Secret Cave - -Tomas Michaud - Beauty and Fire
  8. Vespera - David Wahler - A Star Danced (NEW)
  9. Odin's Hill - Achillea - the Nine Worlds
  10. Guth na Torainn (the Voice of Thunder) - The Moors
  11. Water, Fire and Smoke - Kathy Mar - My Favorite Sings
  12. Introduction; Song of Amergin - Dale Bacon - Song of Amergin
  13. Below the Mists, Above the Brambles - Mater Dea - Below the Mists, Above the Brambles
  14. The North Sea - Michele McLaughlin - A Celtic Dream
  15. Lleu's Song - T. Thorn Coyle - Face a New Day
  16. Hot Frog's - Fred Small
  17. Modern Pirates - Barleyjuice - the Barleyjuice Irish Collection
  18. Hey, It's Can(n)on - Tom Smith
One of our favorite CD's here at the Mess, Om Gaia by Terri Liles Mason, has been nominated for best vocal album and best new age and meditation CD of the year by internet and radio broadcasters. The artist herself has been nominated as best new artist of the year. We are very thrilled to be hearing about that. We have played the title track a number of times over the last several months and can't seem to get enough of it. One of my Trad Sisters in Colorado enjoyed hearing it so much that she called me one morning after the show a few months ago and went "I want!" So I gave her the info on how to order the CD and she went on line and ordered it right away. We are definitely looking forward to hearing more new stuff from Terri Liles Mason in the near future.

Tomorrow starts the Spring 2010 Pledge Drive. We certainly hope to hear from many of our listeners during the pledge drive at KZUM. Murf, Damon, and myself, along with helpers, will be taking calls Sunday the 7th and the 14th during the Mess. And remember, you can always visit the KZUM website to make a pledge.

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