Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Mess Pays Respect to the Arch Druid

Hello, everyone and thank you for listening to the Mess! Finally, after weeks of seemingly endless heat, we finally woke to a wonderfully cool morning. It was 71 degrees when I walked out to the car this morning to rush off to the radio station.

  1. Wytches' Chant '98 - Inkubus Sukkubus -Away with the Faeries
  2. Ankh of the Earth - Buedi Seibert - Pyramid Call
  3. Bird Dance - Jeffrey Fisher - Satyagraha: Songs of the Earth
  4. Life Dream - Buedi Seibert - Pyramid Call
  5. Forest Heart - Michael Stribling - Paradise Lost
  6. Selinzi - Bruce Kaphan - Hybrid
  7. Into the Heart - Ann Licater - Doorway to Dream
  8. Death of a Space Piper - Rare Air - Space Piper (dedicated to Isaac Bonewits)
  9. Place of Refuge - Acoustic Ocean - Reflections on Still Water
  10. Across the Water- Eric Chapelle - Across the Water
  11. Night Flight - Acoustic Ocean - Reflections on Still Water
  12. Every Wish - Eric Chapelle - Across the Water
  13. Ganesh Mantra - Larisa Stow - Reaching Out (1&2)
  14. The Coming and Going of the Fey - Kiva - Live from the Forest Inn
  15. Madron Well - Sora - Heartwood
  16. Lake of Shadow - Phil Coulter - Lake of Shadow
  17. A Jo'rneyman's Song - Barleyjuice - The Barleyjuice Irish Collection
  18. Be Pagan Once Again - Isaac Bonewits - Be Pagan Once Again
  19. Avalon is Rising! - Isaac Bonewits - Avalon is Rising
  20. We Won't Shave Any Longer - Isaac Bonewits - Avalon is Rising
  21. Will You No Come Back Again - Isaac Bonewits - Avalon is Rising
  22. Tir nAn Og - Elvendrums - The Dragon
  23. We Do Not Die - Velvet Hammer - Storybook
This past Thursday, Isaac Bonewits passed away from cancer. He was with family and friends when he died peacefully. Murf, Corwin and I decided that it would be a good tribute to him to play much of his music and discuss his life. Please visit NeoPagan Net for more information Isaac, his books and his songs.

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