Saturday, September 11, 2010

Phil Gets Roasted on Pagan-Musings

Today on Pagan-Musings, KaliSara instigated a Roast of RevKess (aka Phil, the author of this blog). Wikipedia defines a roast thus:
A roast is an event in which an individual is subjected to a public presentation of comedic insults, praise, outlandish true and untrue stories, and heartwarming tributes, the implication being that the roastee is able to take the jokes in good humor and not as serious criticism or insult, and therefore, show their good nature. It is seen by some as a great honor to be roasted, as the individual is surrounded by friends, fans, and well-wishers, who can receive some of the same treatment as well during the course of the evening. The party and presentation itself are both referred to as a roast. The host of the event is called the roastmaster. Anyone who is honored in such a way is said to have been "roasted".
And Sarah did play the role of roastmaster very well. With callers and comments in the chat rooms, we had a wonderful today during the show. Sarah told how she and I first met, via ISCABBS and we talked about some of experiences at ISCAnics in Iowa City, IA. Those were certainly fun and interesting. Some of the stories were editted to protect the not-so-innocent as well as to protect ourselves.

Listener and friend ChrisInSA called in to talk about some of our adventures when she lived in Lincoln. We met over a D&D gaming session and things went down hill from there. We LARPed, did Karaoke and even performed in a Drag Production at the Q in Lincoln. The Daily Nebraskan did a story on that show and they talk about Sarah in the article.

Sarah's partner and father ofher daughter, Stormcrow, called in to say that he thinks of me as the most "epicly straight gay man" he has ever met. He also related the story of calling me one night when I was late coming home from work. Stormie and I used to room together and we both worked for the same company, just different facilities. My first night on the job I wound up working twelve hours, which was much longer than he thought I would be there. So he called me wondering where I was. I was driving home when he called. Just as I answered the phone I saw police lights in my rearview mirror. The officer pulled me over because he thought I was drunk, I had apparently swerved over into his lane as I answered the phone. Lucky for me he took me at my word that I was just very tired and he let me go with a verbal warning.

And of course we had to talk about the Pagan Alliance Network and some of the incidents involved there. At the discussion group we had a member who was rather young and not educated in the U.S., so some of the terms we were using were unfamiliar to him. These terms were not necessarily Pagan specific. We found that it was easier to hand him a dictionary as soon ashe entered the room. Saved him the time of being lost and confused while waiting for the chance to ask what something meant.

There was also the Samhain that we did hand dipped candles and carved pumpkins in preparation for the ritual. We had a blast making the candles and carving the pumpkins. I even roasted the seeds as part of the ritual feast.

We talked about all of this and much more. You can listen to the archived podcast at

We also plotted some of the future shows. Coming up on the 18th is Witch in the Kitchen, a discussion of Kitchen Witchery. On the 25th we are going to discuss Pagan Expos & Metaphysical Events, past, present, and future that we have been involved with. On October 2nd we will be in Omaha for Mystic Fest 2010 and will be airing a repeat of one of our earlier shows. But we will be back on the 9th with part three of Sacred Sexuality, LBGT+ Pagans and sacred sexuality.

And of course we had some pre-Mysitc Fest chatter. Sarah and I have been working on make improvements to the store's website, We have also made some adjustments to our store logo and will be preparing to feature many unique and wonderful items at Mystic Fest. Check out the September 14th posting at for more details on Mystic Fest and what we are going to have available for our patrons.

Music played during today's show:
1. Think On the Day by Wendy Rule
2. Dead Gerbil Jam by Kenny Klein
3. We Won't Shave Any Longer by Isaac Bonewits

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