Thursday, February 17, 2011

Musica Pagani Feature Series: Cernunnos Rising

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to check out the play list for this special edition of Musica Pagani. In this episode we featured music by Cernunnos Rising off their debut CD Wild Soul. We also had a bit of Damh the Bard and Kenny Klein mixed in for a change of pace.

thank you for tolerating any mistakes RevKess may have made in the recording of the show. Should only be the one GLARING mistake at the beginning of the show and then everything else should be nice and smooth sailing. What can we say, still learning the ropes here.

And here is the play list for the episode:
  1. Cernunnos Rising - Greenman - Wild Soul
  2. Cernunnos Rising - Imbolc - Wild Soul
  3. Kenny Klein - Fur and Feather - Muses
  4. Damh the Bard - Cloak of Feathers - Herne's Apprentice
  5. Cernunnos Rising - Hear It with My Heart - Wild Soul
  6. Cernunnos Rising - My Chance to Be Me to Be You - Wild Soul
  7. Damh the Bard - The Sun and the Rose - Spirit of Albion
  8. Kenny Klein - Herne the Hunter - high Frows the Barley
  9. Cernunnos Rising - Blessings of Beltane - Wild Soul
  10. Cernunnos Rising - Heartbeat of Harvest - Wild Soul
  11. Damh the Bard - The Greenwood Grove - The Hills They Are Hollow
  12. Kenny Klein (featuring Blossom Ko) - Rowan and Bracken - Fairy Queen
  13. Cernunnos Rising - Soul Journey - Wild Soul
Hope you enjoyed the show. Remember to check out tomorrow's episode with Full Moon music and celebration and tune into Saturday's Pagan-Musings Podcast as RevKess and KaliSara discuss Spring Cleaning & Pagan Charities.

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