Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A New Endeavour

The Debut of Lavender Hill
part of the Wimmin's Show on KZUM

I have wanted to do an LBGTQ news and talk radio program for sometime now. All these past two years at KZUM, in fact. I've always wanted to do a Pagan news and talk program at KZUM, but that is another story.

In all the years that I have been listening to KZUM, I do not recall a program specifically geared towards the LBGTQ community. Sure, they have the Wimmin's Show Sundays at 11am Central (used to be at 11:30, right after W.I.N.G.S.) and other similar shows - directed at women and lesbians. But that doesn't quite fit the bill.

Back in September, Corwin (one of Murf's minions) and I both suggested such a show to the program director. Oddly enough, we did this independent of each other. I brought it up again after the annual programmer's appreciation party in January. The program director is supportive of the idea, but doesn't know where to put us for sure. Corwin and I also discussed it with Deb from the Wimmin's show after it was announced that we would no longer be carrying W.I,N.G.S. She loved the idea.

Well, we are doing it a little bit differently than we had originally planned. Instead of being our own independent show, starting this Sunday (February 20, 2011), Lavender Hill will debut as a segment of the Wimmin's Show. As Deb put it, we will be the Min of the Wimmin's Show. She has also asked me to stay through her entire show as technical adviser and producer.

Let's see, that gives me how many shows (between KZUM and the internet)? Hmmm....
  • Pagan-Musings Podcast on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel every Saturday at 2pm Central
  • Murphy's Magic Mess on KZUM every Sunday at 9am Central
  • Lavender Hill (segment) on KZUM every Sunday at 11am Central
  • The Wimmin's Show (producer and technical adviser) on KZUM every Sunday at 11:30am Central
  • Selections from the Mess on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel every Monday at 7pm Central
  • Musica Pagani Special Edition on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel every Thursday at 7pm Central
  • Musica Pagani on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel every Friday at 10pm Central
That's SEVEN programs. And we are planning to podcast Lavender Hill as well. Which means that our listeners can catch the program either live on Sundays or listen/download it any time they want after it is posted. Still deciding how we want to set that up. Probably be a separate listing on BlogTalkRadio.com. Corwin and I will decide that Thursday at our planning session.

Well, that's is all for now. I need to get some rest and be ready for more plotting and planning of these shows and other adventures coming up this year.

-Phil, the ever busy

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