Saturday, February 19, 2011

PMPC Spring Cleaning & Pagan Charities

Hello to one and all! It has been a rather eventful week or so for Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel. We have been adding a variety of music programs through Musica Pagani and Selections from the Mess. You can check them out on our BTR page.

Today we did an episode of Pagan-Musings talking about Spring Cleaning and Pagan Charities.

It may seem a little early to talk about spring cleaning, but in my opinion it is never to early to plan what to do with your Schtuff. As we are coming out of the cold and dark of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, naturally our thoughts turn towards the warm and light time of the year. We look around our homes and see what we have not done, not out of laziness but out of comfort. We see stacks of papers that have accumulated, bills and receipts, unanswered letters and holiday cards, etc. We also notice that as the weather begins to warm up we want to think about doing those things we have put off. For me that is cleaning the apartment. Don't think that I am a terrible house keeper with piles of dirty laundry and dishes that could walk themselves to the sink. This may seem to happen sometimes, though....

What I am talking about is getting rid of the clutter that has gathered over the last few months. I am a pack rat, I freely admit it. I have stacks of books, newspapers, junk mail and other schtuff cluttering my desk and office space. As I look around at it all I cringe to think of how much schtuff I have left undone during the winter. I want to get organized. And one of the best ways to do that is to start somewhere and clean.

Along with cleaning comes Cleansing. On Pagan-Musings we have talked about this before. As you clean out the clutter you also Cleanse the space. You can use special cleaners that are enchanted or spelled to help you rid the home of negativity. You can also, after finishing a room or project burn some sage, sweetgrass or other herbal incense to Cleanse the space and purify the air. Either way you look at it, you are making your home a better, healthier place to be.

Charity also comes to mind during this time of year for me. I am passionate about certain worthy causes and only wish that I had more time and money to donate to these causes. Weekly I spend at least two hours volunteering at KZUM, our local community radio station, working on Murphy's Magic Mess. At the Mess we bring our listeners a variety of New Age and Pagan music every Sunday from 9-11am. Oddly enough, the show is on right after the gospel program. I have recently (as readers of this blog and listeners to PMPC know) added Lavender Hill - a segment on the Wimmin's Show - to my KZUM hours and been asked to stay after to help the host of the Wimmin's Show produce her program. Between recording the Mess, doing the Hill and working behind the scenes with the Wimmin's Show I donate at least five hours a week to KZUM and the local community.

I also spend a good deal of time working towards reaching the goals of the Pagan Alliance Network, helping to build and create Pagan community. Not just on the local level, but world wide. I am focused on helping to get the networking mindset out to the global Pagan community. This spring I will be spending more time on that project, as well as other community projects, to help create a better awareness of the Pagan community in the larger global community. Websites, social networking, blog writing and essay/article projects will assist in that. Working directly with other local and national Pagan groups will help with that.

My cohost on Pagan-Musings Podcast also has plans for charitable work in the future. Namely, her and her partner have been seriously talking about becoming foster parents. A very worthy cause and one that I support them him. I love children and have pondered adoption or fostering myself. More power to them, as the saying goes.

And now, on to the play list for today's show.
(format: Artist - Song Title - CD/Album Title)
  1. The Gypsy Ribbon - A Perfect Blend - A Taste of the Ribbon
  2. Michael Brant DeMaria - Danu - Gaia
  3. Ann Licater - Sacred Passages - Doorway to a Dream
  4. Emerald Rose - Freya, Shakti - Bending Tradition
  5. Kenny Klein - Keep Your Legs Together, Jenny - Gold of the Autumn
  6. Paradiso & Rasamayi - Flow - 3rd Eye Rising
KaliSara and I hope that enjoyed listening to our rants during the show and that you learned something from it. We started off talking about Elizabeth Dodd's pamphlet Wicca and Witchcraft: Understanding the Dangers and talking about the GOP House Reps and their budget proposals. Then we stepped off our soap boxes and actually got to the planned topic. :) Check out Lady Libety League for a listing of some of the Pagan Charities out there.

Catch us next Saturday as we talk about Animal Guides on Pagan-Musings Podcast. In the mean time, enjoy the upcoming selections for Musica Pagani and Selections from the Mess on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel.

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