Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lavender Hill #3

Phil's throat was getting a little scratchy by the time he and Corwin wrapped up Murphy's Magic Mess and got ready to do the Lavender Hill segment of the Wimmin's Show on KZUM-HD 89.3FM in Lincoln, NE. But the show must go on. :)

A lot of stuff was covered during the show, as usual.

Corwin touched base on the anti-gay sentiment in the Muslim community in London's East End. Good for the gays! Despite the posters and slogans throughout the area, they are organizing a Pride parade for the East End.

Phil brought up that Sandra Dunn, an M-F transgendered woman is running for mayor of Amarillo, TX. Not the first transgendered person to run for office, and if she wins, she won't be the first to do that either.

Acceptance of gay marriage is on the rise in the U.S. According to polls, there has been a 7% shift in favor in the last two years. This puts the support and dissent at nearly a 50-50 split. But times are a changing. From March 4, 2010 to March 4th of this year, 700 hundred gay and lesbian couples were married in Mexico City. If our neighbors south of the border can suuport gay marriage, the U.S. should be able to.

In other news:
More on transgendered persons in the community:
There is so much more to cover, but we didn't have time in the show. Heck, we didn't even touch on most of what is listed here. Tune in next Sunday at 11am CST for more Lavender Hill and all things gay locally, nationally, and around the world. Half an hour just doesn't seem to cover it all, but we will do our best to help fill in some of the blanks with this blog series.

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Photo of Corwin and Phil courtesy Deb Andersen of the Wimmin's Show

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