Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Murf Eats a Bad Knight

Greetings and pardon me for the delay in posting the show notes for the Mess. Seems that Blogger had some issues and decided to not give me access to my account for a little while. That is getting bothersome. Second time this has happened in a month. Anyway...

We were without Murf this Sunday as she ate something that didn't agree with her. Corwin and I carried the show pretty well. Even managed to get a half way decent recording of the show. If people would stop messing with the settings on the recording equipment it would have been even better.

Not a whole lot to talk about other than give you the play list. So here we go:
  1. Inkubus Sukkubus - Wytches' Chant '98 - Away with the Fairies
  2. Matthew Schoening - Fire - Elements
  3. Louis Colaiannia - Spring Dawn - A Moment Between Eternities
  4. Ken Elkinson - Abundance - Music for Commuting
  5. Michael Dulin - Without a Word - Timeless 2
  6. Louis Colaiannia - Way of the Rain - A Moment Between Eternities
  7. Robert Linton - Drifting Reflections - Throughout the Autumn Light
  8. David Arkenstone - The Dragon's Breath - Celtic Book of Days
  9. Dragon Ritual Drummers - Talon: Celebration of the Dragon - Epic: A Drum Opera
  10. S. J. Tucker - In the House of Mama Dragon - Haphazard
  11. Paradiso & Rasamayi - Purpose - 3rd Eye Rising
  12. Lis Addison - Brimming Over - The Grace of the Green Leaf
  13. Cernunnos Rising - The Coming and the Going - Wild Soul
  14. Bone Poets Orchestra - Pleasure of the Sky - Belladonna Smiles
  15. Catherine Mock - Lusty Young Smith - All Among the Barley
  16. Tom Smith - Hey It's "Cannon" - iTom 1.0
  17. Tom Smith - Wiki Pirates - iTom 4.0
  18. Kenny Klein - Dead Gerbil Jam - Fairy Queen
  19. Jonathan Coulton - Re: Your Brains - Thing-a-Week Two
  20. Damh the Bard - Oak, Broom and Meadowsweet - Spirit of Albion
  21. Omnia - Taranis Jupiter - Wolf Love
  22. Unknown Track 22
  23. Joan Osborne - One of Us - 20th Century Master's The Millenium Collection
  24. Isaac Bonewits & Real Magic - Quarter Farewell - Avalon is Rising!
Gods willing, Murf will be back with us on the 13th for more fun and wonderful music. Until then, Gods bless!

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