Sunday, March 6, 2011

P-M: Runes in Every Day Life

First off, I would like to thank our marvelous guest, Kaedrich Olsen, for joining us once again on Pagan-Musings Podcast. It is always a pleasure to speak with Kaedrich on any topic, but especially on his favorite subject, the runes. This weeks episode of Pagan-Musings was no exception to that.

We spent the whole show talking about runes and how they are used every day. Kaedrich shared some of the history of the runes and their meanings with us throughout the show. He even answered some rune divination questions over the air and through the BTR chat room.

Needless to say, a two hour show is just enough time to cover everything that we tried to squeeze in. We are inviting Kaedrich back sometime this summer for a two hour show on the rune meanings. He says he can fit all 24 runes into a two hour class, so we shall see if he can manage it with a two hour show. If not, then there is always a part two.

A Few Links We Would Like To Share:
We only played a couple of pieces of music during the show, as it was so packed with information. They were:
  1. Emerald Rose - Fire in the Head - Songs for the Night Sky
  2. Michael Brant DeMaria - Danu - Gaia
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