Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pagan-Musings: An Introduction

Pagan-Musings: An Introduction

Hosted by RevKess and KaliSara

original air date: Saturday, July 18, 2009, 10:00pm CST at

Greetings and well met, our friends and listeners! We had a slow start to our first program, due to technical difficulties. We did manage to pull it off, though! Thank you to Aut and Lostrayne on the East Coast for showing their support in the chat room and listening to Kali and I get our wits about us.

The primary purpose of this first episode was to test the waters and see if we could get most of what we were doing figured out. I think we did manage to do so, but only time will tell. Our next episode will hopefully have less technical errors in programming and more success with our conversational continuity.

I would like to apologize for the dead air time towards the end of the show, it would seem that I somehow lost my connection with Skype for a minute and didn't realize until after I had been babbling for a minute or two without anyone able to hear me. I hope to be able to catch that before it happens again. But, for a first time out, I think it was rather successful! KaliSara was such a trooper in putting up with me while I was learning the ropes.

One last note, a correction actually, before going on to specifics about this episode and future shows. I did not have a calendar in front of me so I misspoke about the upcoming show This is My Athame. It is scheduled for Saturday, August 15th, I had said the 10th, which is a Tuesday. A little hard to do a Saturday show on Tuesday. My apologies for any confusion.

Topics discussed in our Introduction:

  • The Summoning by Nuit on the album Mother Night –

Future Shows:

  1. Saturday, July 25, 2009, 10pm CST: Pagan Alliance Network, history, what it is today, and what it offers.

  2. Saturday August 1, 2009, 10pm CST: The Quantum Pagan, how science has proven magic exists and how to use quantum mechanics in every day life.

  3. Saturday, August 8, 2009, 10pm CST: The Techno Pagan, use of technology and the internet to reach out to the Pagan community.

  4. Saturday, August 15, 2009, 10pm CST: This is My Athame, ritual tools, their uses, and what to use in a pinch.

Special Announcements:

  1. The DolphinMoon Coven Seeker Class is schedule for Sunday, July 19th at 4pm at the home of Phil Kessler. Email him at for directions. Students may arrive as early as 3:30pm for check-in before class. This month's class is comparative religions, giving students an opportunity to discuss their religious backgrounds, how they came to their current path and how they have reconciled their path with their friends and families.

  2. The DolphinMoon Coven Open New Moon Meditation and Healing Circle is schedule for Sunday, July 19th at 7pm at the home of Phil Kessler. Email him at for directions. Attendees may arrive as early as 6:30pm for check-in. These sessions are an opportunity to celebrate the new moon in an open and welcoming atmosphere as well as help to boost one's own energies if in a time of need.

  3. The Pagan Alliance Network's Meditation and Divination Night is scheduled for Saturday, July 25th at 7pm at the home of Phil Kessler. Email him at or contact him on for directions. Participants may arrive as early as 6:30pm for check-in. The Meditation and Divination night is intended as a means to practice both meditation techniques and divination. Participants are encouraged to bring their favorite divinatory tools.

  4. The Pagan Alliance Network is hosting it's Second Annual Yard Sale on Friday, July 31st-Sunday, August 2nd from 10am-6pm at the home of Julia. Please contact Phil at or on for more specific details. 10% of all profits are invested into PAN.

  5. The Pagan Alliance Network is hosting an Open Lammas Ritual on Saturday, August 1st at 7pm at the home of Julia. Please contact Phil at or on for directions. Participants may arrive as early as 6:30pm for check-in. Ritual attire is not required, but is appreciated. Please bring a potluck dish, table service for yourself and any guests, and a non-alcoholic beverage to share.

  6. Witchy Living with Cairelle, is doing a special podcast with guest Rev. Philipp J. Kessler for the Pagan Alliance Network. The show is scheduled for Sunday, August 2nd at 8pm CST. They will be discussing the Pagan Alliance Network and Rev. Kessler's work with past life insights and regressions. If time allows, and listeners are interested, Rev. Kessler may attempt to do mini-past life insight readings on the air. Visit Witchy Living at for more details and to browse Cairelle's online store.

Again, we would like to thank you for listening to the show and hope you tune again next week!


RevKess and KaliSara

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