Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pagan-Musings: Techno Pagan

Techno Pagan on Pagan-Musings

The August 8th episode of Pagan-Musings on Blog Talk Radio was about Techno Pagans and what they do. We had a blast looking back to the early days of the internet and had a visit with besom, a friend who shared many (unfortunately broken) links from her days with AOL's Pagan chat rooms. With some wonderful chat room contributions and a chat visit from our Tradition's founding High Priestess, it was a very fun show and we are looking forward to many more!

Web Sites Discussed During the Show: (This is to the best of our ability and accurate list of links, even if it is not a complete list from show.)
ISCABBS - the Iowa Student Computer Association Bulletin Board System. telnet://

Pagan Alliance Network - the online home of the Pagan Alliance Network, founded by RevKess and KaliSara in 1997. - a wonderful social networking site owned by Starrfire Price of Labyrinth House Publishing. - the launch pad address for all of Witchy Living's online resources. Witchy Living is an online occult shop focused on Voudoun and Santeria, owned by Cairelle it is a wonderful resource. Cairelle also hosts her own show on Blog Talk Radio, check her out! - a site that neither of us have checked out much, but it is an option for social networking.

Pangaia Metaphysical Store - an online business owned by KaliSara and RevKess, specializing in unique and one of a kind creations by artists around the world.

U.S. Grand Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis - the online home of the OTO.

Temple of Set
- the official website of the Temple of Set

KZUM - the online home of Lincoln, NE's only community radio station. Here you can listen to Murphy's Magic Mess live every Sunday morning at 9am CST. Murphy's Magic Mess is cohosted by RevKess.

Blog Talk Radio - a resource for MANY Pagan and non-Pagan podcasts. Pagan-Musings is hosted through this site.

PCP, the Pagan Centered Podcast
- a great podcast covering all kinds of topics with guests from all walks of l ife and around the globe.

PaganFM - a podcasted music and news radio program in New Hampshire.

That pretty much sums up the show. We hope that you enjoyed listening to us and we are so sorry for the technical difficulties and the lateness of this blog post. Tune in every Saturday at 10pm CST to listen to us live and remember to join us in the chat room! -RevKess and KaliSara

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