Sunday, February 27, 2011

Animal Guides

Greetings and thank you for listening to another episode of Pagan-Musings Podcast. Saturday the 26th we talked about animal guides and totem animals. KaliSara's boyfriend, Stormcrow, called in during the show to talk about Chakra Totems and using plants as a spirit guides. Very interesting.

RevKess's main animal totem is the Dolphin, but he has several animal guides that appear throughout his life. The Eagle when Heru is trying to get his attention, the Crow when he is getting too smug, Praying Mantis when he needs to stop and look at what he is doing, and Cat when he forgets that he is an independent person who does not require the approval of others.

KaliSara had an experience with an animal totem meditation in which she communicated with the Spotted Skunk.

People's experience withe Animal Guides and Totems varies far and wide. One thing to remember when seeking to meet and communicate with your Animal Spirits and Totems is to research the animal. Use some of the books listed below, but also do mundane research. Learn the animal for yourself. And if you run across the animal in your daily activities, talk with it.

Below you will find the play list, links list and book list from the show.

Music Play List:
  1. The Gypsy's Ribbon - A Perfect Blend - A Taste of the Ribbon
  2. Michael Brant DeMaria - Anima Mundi - Gaia
  3. Emerald Rose - Fire in the Head - Songs for the Night Sky
  4. Lis Addison - Kunda Hey - Grace of the Green Leaf
  5. Pandemonaeon - Song of Mari - Dangerous Beauty
  6. Emerald Rose - Freya, Shakti - Bending Tradition
  7. Paradiso & Rasamayi - Flow - 3rd Eye Rising
Links List:
Book List:
Again, thank you for listening to our show. Tune in next Saturday for a talk with Kaedrich Olsen, author of Runes for Transformation: Using Ancient Symbols to Change Your Life. On this second visit with Kaedrich we will be discussing Runes in Every Day Life. Check out his earlier visit from February of 2010.

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