Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Selections from the Mess Ep #3

Episode 3 of Selections from the Mess is mainly an interview/discussion with Lady Cynthia of the Order of the Red Grail, Church for Transformational Wicca in Lincoln, NE. In between talk segments with Lady Cynthia, we played a selection of music that addressed the topic of our conversation. We were talking about the Catholic Truth Society's pamphlet Wicca and Witchcraft: Understanding the Dangers by Elizabeth Dodd.

Please refer to my earlier blog post, including the show notes for Murphy's Magic Mess from Sunday the 20th, for links to the book and the upcoming Prayer for Peace Vigil.

Play list:
  1. Inkubus Sukkubus - Wytches' Chant '98 - Away with the Faeries
  2. Kathryn Kaye - Waiting for the Rain - Dreaming Still
  3. Paradiso & Rasamayi - Flow - 3rd Eye Rising
  4. Steven C - Opus Derian - Heart Strings
  5. Michael Brant DeMaria - Danu - Gaia
  6. Al Conti - Spring Maiden - Northern Seas
  7. Isaac Bonewits - Be Pagan Once Again - Be Pagan Once Again
  8. Gaia Consort - Cry Freedom - Secret Voices
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