Monday, February 28, 2011

Prayer for Peace

This week on the Mess we helped celebrate with the rest of the Pagan community our uniqueness and diversity throughout the world. February 27th was the Prayer for Peace Vigil in many cities across the nation and around the globe. This vigil was a peaceful demonstration in response to the Catholic Truth Society's little pamphlet called Wicca and Witchcraft: Understanding the Dangers. A pamphlet aimed at teaching the Catholic community how to prosthelytise to and covert Wiccans and Witches to the Catholic faith.

The following is the play list from the Mess.
  1. Inkubus Sukkubus - Wytches' Chant '98 - Away with the Fairies
  2. Michael Dulin - Scilian Song - Timeless 2
  3. Kelly Andrew - Winter's Dream - Reflections
  4. Josh Johnston - Atlantic - The Shape of Things
  5. Kathryn Kaye - A Calm Awakening - Dreaming Still
  6. Paradiso & Rasmayi - Guidance - 3rd Eye Rising
  7. Greg Maroni - Sitting by the Fire - The Journey
  8. Ken Elkinson - Changes from the Sea - Music for Commuting
  9. Greg Maroni - Prayer for the Planet - The Journey
  10. Al Conti - Song of Rig - Northern Seas
  11. Al Conti - Thor's Journey - Northern Seas
  12. Abigail Spinner McBride - Prepare Yourself - Fire of Creation
  13. Dagda - Tuath de Danaan - Hibernia: The Story of Ireland
  14. Abigail Spinner McBride - Fire of Creation - Fire of Creation
  15. Robert Gass & On Wings of Song - A Circle is Cast - Ancient Mother
  16. Kate West and Hearth of Hecate - Earth My Body - Elements of Chant
  17. Ann Lister - Dance with the Dragon - Waiting for the Hero
  18. Omnia - Wake Up - Wolf Love
  19. Rowena - Saved - My Mother's Song
  20. Kenny Klein - Maria's not a Catholic Anymore - Fairy Queen
  21. S J Tucker - Go Away God Boy - Sirens
  22. Inkubus Sukkubus - Witch Hunt - Away with the Fairies
  23. Haze - The Cure - The Book of Shadows
  24. Haze - Christ after Christ - The Book of Shadows
  25. Gaia Consort - The Gathering - Gaia Circles
Other than the direct shots across the bow with Maria's Not a Catholic Anymore and Go Away Godboy, we feel that our music choices for the show were peaceful and understanding towards the Catholic community and we hope that no individual Catholic was personally offended by any of the music.

Please refer to last week's blog on the Mess for more information and listen to Selections from the Mess #3 on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel for an indepth discussion of the issue.

Our thanks and support go out to all who participated, in anyway, in the vigils. We greatly appreciate your sincerity of heart and spirit on this issue and wish you all the best!

-Phil, Nadine and Corwin

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