Monday, February 20, 2012

Pagan Weekly News #30 - Monday, 20 February 2012

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The weekend of February 18th was this year's PantheaCon in California. One of the world's largest indoor Pagan festivals. This week we talked about one of the key issues that arose during the event. Namely, Z. Budapest's CisWomen only ritual for honoring the Sacred Body. At last year's PantheaCon she conducted a similar ritual and excluded transgender women from the Circle. Unfortunately, last year she did not make it clear in the ritual's program description that transgender women would be excluded. This year she made it clear in the program.

Zaracon, KaliSara and RevKess all chimed in with a number of thoughts and comments on the topic as well as referencing various blogs and articles that covered the event. The following is a list of those blogs and articles, at least as far as RevKess has been able to find them:
After last year's PantheaCon incident, as it became known on PMPC, the hosts of the parent program did a two part series on Transgender Pagan Issues. You can find those shows and others listed below:
The topic of African Witch Children and African Pentacostal pastor Helen Ukpabio was brought up towards the bottom of the second hour, but Zaracon had to bow out of the show due to some emotional responses he was holding back about that issue and the PantheaCon incident. Thought we did not cover the topic we wanted to share some of the links we had prepared in case anyone else wishes to pursue the topic on their own.
On much lighter note, we wished the authors M.R. Sellars and Diana L. Paxson a very happy birthday! Sellars is the author of the Rowan Gant Investigations and Diana has written, among other things, Taking Up the Runes and parts of the Mists of Avalon series with the late Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Our music play list for the show:
  1. Heartbeat - Warrior Within
  2. Wendy Rule - Shine - Deity
  3. Leigh Anne Hussey - I Used to be a Powerful Priestess - Homebrew
  4. Bone Poets Orchestra - Pleasure of the Sky - Belladonna Smiles
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